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Our travel packages offer a wide range of activities across a multitude of destinations to find the perfect escape from your everyday life.  We book all forms of travel and adventure from resorts, scenic locales, to other exciting experiences tailored to your tastes. Call us as we would love to hear your bucket list.
Enjoy unique experiences for your unforgettable wedding, honeymoon, vow renewal, anniversary, or other amorous occasions to one of our featured destinations where you and yours are honored and pampered.

Destination Wedding


- Proposal/Engagement

- Anniversary

Vow Renewal

- Symbolic Occasions

- Other romantic moments

Spend your honeymoon in exotic places that will make you smile even many years later.  Relive your wedding and honeymoon while recommitting at one of our vow renewal destinations.

Star-studded vacations awaits you and yours. Experience a new country or city with an exotic mix of culture and luxurious amenities. 

Luxury at sea, resorts, etc.

Any destination can be customized to exceed your expectations and ensure a luxurious stay.  You will be sure to enjoy many value-added and exclusive experiences.


Fun for all!!  A memorable way to enjoy a relaxing and interesting vacation.  

Destination Sea and River cruises

Perfect for celebrating birthdays, graduations, retirement, etc.  Cruising allow you to see lots of places and countries without packing and unpacking.  There are so much to do, you will have a difficult time deciding.  Cruising is another way to enjoy an all inclusive experience.


Fun for all!!  A memorable way to enjoy a relaxing and interesting vacation. 
Fun for all!!  A memorable way to enjoy a relaxing and interesting vacation.


Special Needs

There are no limitations to travel.  We take care of all your accessibility travel needs. We are SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocates!! 

Whether you are traveling in a small or large group inclusive of person's with special needs, we provide the flexibility and arrangement necessary to accommodate you.  A pregnant sister, grandpa who uses a wheelchair, and other friends or family members with special needs (short-term or long-term disability) can travel along and have a great time.


Find your perfect escape from your everyday life while satisfying your need for adventure. Whether you're looking for solitude or socialization on your next vacation, we've got great ideas for your upcoming trip. You can choose from fishing to skiing, hiking to horseback riding or whatever you like to do and we'll help you decide how to get there.  
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